Saturday, July 29, 2006

Free Socks and Free Autographs!

Free Product - Free Iseco Socks Get It Now! (Canada Only)

Free Autographs - The way this works is to send an e-mail to one of the addresses listed, containing Your name and mailing address, Studio fan mail will then send you an autographed photo from the individual you requested, you can order multiple photos, however you need to send a seperate email for each one. You cannot put multiple e-mail address in for example "cc:" Not all of the addresses still work but most do! I've received over 30 autographed photos so far, so I thought I would share this with everyone! Sometimes these can take a month or so to arrive. I know that these work for canada, and I beleive this will work worldwide. Don't forget to check out my current blog tennant! Full Metal Photographer


At 3:58 AM, Blogger Audi said...

I tried the one for Hilary Duff and it came back as a non valid e-mail address. I tried it twice.

At 4:02 AM, Blogger Audi said...

Okay just tried a few more and all were undeliverable. Is anyone else having this problem. I use AOL could that be me problem? Let me know. I'd really like to get some of these.

At 6:44 AM, Blogger Dramedy Girl said...

I did a bunch and it was about 50/50.

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Johnny Wadd said...

Started to recieve some of my pics in the mail yesterday, so far got about 8. Great link, wish there was some updated ones or newer ones.


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